Charter of Demands

For European Basic Social Rights


  • For an income that will give each and every person a decent standard of living without discrimination of age, sex or origin or any other form of discrimination.

    At a time when profits have never stopped growing, millions of people in Europe live below the poverty line. We demand that everyone should have the right to a guaranteed individual income according to the wealth produced by society which covers the basic needs for a decent standard of living.


European Marches

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  • For the right to work:

    • For the right to an independent and free choice of work, total opposition to workfare measures under the pretext of »return to work« or any attempt to impose unacceptable working conditions on the unemployed. For massive new jobs that are socially, culturally, ecologically useful with guaranteed salaries and terms and conditions of work.
    • For an immediate, general and massive reduction in working hours with job creation, without loss of salary or purchasing power, without flexibility or annualisation.
    • Total opposition to all lay-offs, starting with those firms that have made profits.
    • Total opposition to all forms of precarisation of working conditions and wages and against imposed part-time work,and insecure jobs.
    • Total opposition to child labour and exploitation of immigrant workers in undeclared jobs.
  • For equality in law and pratice between men and women. Total opposition to any form of discrimination that prevents equal access to jobs and salaries to women.

  • For improvements covering all existing social Rights in Europe that all European member states must undertake, these rights to be aligned on the most advantageous social gains and rights for all citizens, and to include free access to all essential services, in particular, for the low paid and the unemployed:

    • Right to good health-care for all;
    • Right to housing;
    • Right to education, culture and training courses;
    • Right to justice;
    • Right of the young to an income,job and training;
    • Right to transport and all means of communication;
    • Right to utilities: electricity, gas, water ...
    • Right to a retirement pension;
    • Freedom of movement for people and residency papers for all.
  • For the recognition of assocations and organisations of the unemployed and those in job insecurity and respect for their right to free expression and to engage in independent action.


European Marches against unemployment, insecure jobs and exclusions.
Brussels, 30th janary 2000

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European Marches


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