On december 2000 will occur in Nice (Fr.) a meeting of all state chiefs from the European Union. We would like to make this event the date for radical anticapitalist people to join and show that alternative demands and practices are the way to social solution. Our wish is to have a discussion with others anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist networks in Europe in order to build a mobilisation beyond the simple demand of a social Europa. We would like topics as immigration, North-South-East inequality, repression, respect of local minorities to be part of a common contestation.
The following text summers up the three main lines that lays possible foundations for an alternative and dissident call.

We ask for:

  1. Guaranteed (Secured) Income With Or Without A Job, Combined With Free Access To Public Services, Without Any Conditions Of Age Or Nationality.
    Post-modern capitalism and economic globalization have instored precarity as a new status for general employment. Thus, an increasing number of workers have no access to the basic rights providing a decent and autonomous living. In order to make job flexibility no handicap for people anymore, so that they can choose their activities and way of life, incomes must not be linked to the fact of having a job or not.
    This demand is also a claiming for reappropriation and share of the wealth nowadays produces through dereglementation and bad work conditions.
  2. Free Movement And Free Settlement Of Populations. Let's Fight Fortress Europe !
    Economic globalisation allows goods and money to be exchanged without any limits, no borderline. Consequences are often heavy for local populations, as well in southern countries as in northern or eastern ones. We claim for an end of migration control and the closing of all migrants detention centers. Once again it is the question of the global share of wealthes that must be solved.
  3. For A European Gathering Of Free And Joint People Through Federalism And Towards Direct Democracy.
    Through the countries or economically competitive Regions created by the E.U., the split of the people do not correspond to any cultural, national or democratic reality.

The european construction and the globalization, that will be discussed during the Nice conference are the project of employers , kops and judges.
That is shown within the repression on all opponents to those ideas. This year hs been particulary filled by trials, arrestations, prison sentences for political militants or unionists. To work towards the creation of frontierless projects is the groundline of our local commitment and our togetherness on an international level.

The No Pasaran network proposes, like for Köln (may 99) and Monaco (dec.99), to go by »free-train« down to Nice, and asks all the groups interested to contact us.

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