You'll find, translated in six languages, the appel for participating to Regional Social Forum and World Social Forum. We would like this appel be sent to a lot of activist networks (movements struggling against poverty, precarity, housing rihts associations, women associations, migrants associations, workless, ...) all around the world.
A workshop has started in France to develop this initiative.
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The Global Social Forum and the continental forums raise the hopes of the 2.8 billion people who live in poverty and face increasing misery, inequality, war, commercialisation of all living activity, and environmental degradation. The social forums strive to create a more united and peaceful world, where minorities and other subjugated peoples are no longer oppressed, and the environment is treated with respect.

The current actors in the GSF must strive towards a balance of power that can transform the world. The next step in the construction of an alternative to neoliberal capitalism must unite the movements fighting for the poor or 'have-nots' of the planet and support their development. Indeed, about half of humanity lives on less than $2 per day. Not only must they take part in the transformation, but they are also under threat: the logic of a neoliberal system is to eliminate an unproductive population which has no means of consumption and yet consumes non-renewable resources, and threatens to place limits on the concentration of wealth.

We demand that the Third Global Forum and the continental forums integrate the various anti-poverty movements emerging around the world, giving them a higher profile at the heart of this encounter in order to breathe new life into this initiative and to unite all the actors in the battle against the dictates of neoliberal economics.

This requires that right away the organisers :

  • raise funds to finance the travel for the members of the people's movements, and not exclusively for national elites.
  • It also requires accepting on the platform in particular representatives from local groups in each seminar, plenary, and forum.
  • They need to have at their disposal their own space for debates so that these movements can assess the global challenges, share experiences, and build strategies to work together.

Another world is not only possible: it is NECESSARY !

May 2002

1er signatures :
International : HIC, Marches Européennes contre le chômage et les exclusions,
France : AC ! (agir ensemble contre le chômage), AITEC, CADAC, CEDETIM, CEDIDELP, Collectif National pour les Droits des femmes, Comité des Sans Logis, CRID, DAL (Droit Au Logement), Droits Devant !, HanDEIS (handicap : Droit à l’Ecole et à l’Intégration Sociale), Union Syndicale G10-Solidaires
Brasil : MNLM




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