Enough job insecurity !

From Parisian region, the struggle of young precarious workers spreads in France

December 2000 : 15 days on strike in Mac Do of St Germain street for wages
January 2001 : 32 days on strike in Pizza Hut Opera for wages
October -February 2002 : 112 days on strike in Mac Do Strasbourg St Denis for the reinstatement of employees dismissed for wanting to create a trade union : Complete victory !
March 2002 : 30 days on strike in FNAC Champs Elysées with important results

And many other sporadic mobilisations in other Mac Do, Go Sport, Virgin, call centers, in the cleaning sectorů.

From these struggles a solidarity net has expanded step by step, with Trade-unions as CGT, SUD, UNEF, associations as students of ATTAC, A.C. and others.. So, when a struggle starts, this net organises the material help to the strikers, help them to spread the information, to try to encourage other establishments of the firm in coming into the struggle, to organise fund-raising meetings or demonstrations as that on March 6th, during which the Avenue of Champs Elysées has been recalled Precarity Avenue !

Inside this solidarity movement, a net called »Stop-precarité« is growing, led by the leaders of the successive struggles. They are, more often, union members of the CGT, the only one great trade union who gave them a legal protection and a support, at least at a local level. They know, nevertheless, that the job insecurity is the result of a general policy. Spreading the net (Recently, outside the parisian region), they want to fight against this policy itself, accruing the strength from each struggle. For this reason they welcome in the net all these, associations, researchers, militants, who want to come to their assistance. They have just created a web site :


It would be very good if the european marches could contribute toward a swift european dimension of this net, so helping a struggle, in accordance with the aims of »stop-precarité«, at the european level : Actually, is'nt it at this level that policy for job insecurity is elaborated ?

Jean-Guy Dufour




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