Against capitalist Europe,
Against unemployement, job insecurity,exclusion,
Against full of hatred,

Go to Sevilla

for another Europe of democracy and solidarity !

From Austria, through Spain, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, to France the rise of the right and the extreme right unveils the complete failure of the EU social-democrat governments. These governments have proven their inability to answer the questions and the needs of tens of millions of unemployed, poor people, insecure workers, wage-earners, whilst many voters voted for them, thinking they would put an end to the problem of mass and long-term unemployment which has plagued Europe for over two decades.

This month, it will be Holland's turn to vote, followed by Sweden and Germany in September. It is not as though no-one had sounded the alarm. We have been walking around Europe for 5 years from one Summit to the next to voice our anger against those who spread misery. But it seems as though we have been talking to a brick wall.

With each summit, stronger evidence is given of people's capacity for mobilization, especially among the young. We already were 50 000 in Amsterdam in 1997. And after Seattle, the movements against neo-liberal globalisation, against capitalistic Europe have kept getting stronger: in Prague, Nice, Gothenburg, Genoa, despite the international context resulting from the 11 September, there were even more of us in Brussels and Barcelona. In Italy, the mobilization is unprecedented. In France, hundreds of thousands of young people go on the streets and that is only the beginning.

The next date on our agenda is the Summit of Seville. There will be many of us on the streets. But we want more. The policies of precarization initiated by the employers organizations and implemented by the EU Commission, with the support of the governments, have to be abandoned. What is in danger is simply the future of democracy on the old continent.

European marches (secretary)(01/05/2002)




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