Meeting for a
« Carta of the social rights »

Sunday 16th of March 2003 Brussels

During the conferences and seminars concerning social rights in Europe, which took place within the ESF in Florence, we expressed our wish to meet again in order to elaborate a demanding »carta of the social rights«, as our friends from Catalonia have phrased it.

The principles of universality and indivisibility of the fundamental rights are by no means put into question whilst elaborating this »carta«. We want to embrace the question of the social and economic rights, because they are so worryingly absent from the Charter of the fundamental rights. We want to elaborate these demands in the form of a »carta«. We prefer the word »carta« to the word »charter« to avoid any confusion.

We propose to all the organisations and the trade-unions a European meeting on the question of the social rights in Europe, before the Convention meeting on 17-18 march 2003, and before the summit of Thessalonica which should finalise the Constitutional Treaty before it is proclaimed in Rome at the end of the year.

Meeting place :
National centre for the equality between women and man.
Association Amazone
Rue du Méridien 10 - 1210 Brussels (metro Botanique)

Proposed agenda :

9.30-10.00 AM :

10.00-12.00 AM::
presentation of the agenda, and presentation by the delegations of their organisation and the approach they propose

12.00-01.00 PM:
break and meal

01.00-03.50 PM:
discussion and elaboration of a »common Carta of demands«;

03.50-04.00 PM:

04.00-06.00 PM:
writing of an »address to the European institutions«
preparation of the 17th: press conference, initiatives
perspectives for 2003 : Thessalonica -ESF-Rome

Registration for the meeting on Sunday 16th of March 2003

Financial participation in expenses : 30 Euro per organisation
Send your registration to Collectif pour la Citoyenneté et les Droits Fondamentaux (CCDF France) :
You can send to this same mail address written contributions to prepare the debate. We will forward them to all people registered for the meeting.

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