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During the last Euromarches coordination in Amsterdam on the 6th December, a Dutch proposal was approved by those present.

The idea is to circulate, within our network, the information from each EU country (and elsewhere) concerning actions and campaigns lead against unemployment, precariousness and exclusion and the measures taken by the different governments to delete all the social acquisitions built and won after long struggles by the working class ; this circulation of information would be concretised through an email bulletin.

We wish to circulate this information, if you can feed this bulletin with short articles (about 1000 characters) .

These texts could also be published on the Euromarches website (as is done on the German part of the site already.)

The language problem remains.
We can send the texts in French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian but it seems difficult to translate them.

To make up for this, each article will be introduced by a short summary in the other languages.

Please let us know what you think by sending your comments to:

This initiative would enable us to tighten our links and to lead our campaigns and struggles together.

For the information commission,
Lara Winter

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