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against unemployment, job insecurity and social exclusions

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A No of hope for the unemployed women, the unemployed men, the precarious workers and the excluded of all of Europe

For almost ten years, the Euromarches have criss-crossed Europe in order to denounce the wrong-doings of a Europe constructed against the wishes of the people, which compose it, by the (neo)liberals of left and right. Our shouts of anger have met with nothing but disdain. For the first time, profiting from a referendum with political intentions, the citizens have clearly expressed that they do not want a neoliberal European constitution, another source of unemployment and misery.

We know that this vote in France has also been very much awaited in the other countries of the Union, which experience the same policies of precarisation (Lisbon process) and of the hunt on the unemployed. The result of the regional elections in Germany, that of the referendum in France and the one to come in the Netherlands show that there is the urgent need for a radical reorientation of the European politics in the area of employment, for an end to social and fiscal dumping and for sharing the riches produced, so that every woman and everyman can get a salary or at least an income that will permit them to live.

The Euromarches rejoice about this result: it will reinforce the efforts of those women and men, notably in the European Social Forums, who work for the emergence of a European social movement capable of unifying, both East and West, the struggles of the workers, the unemployed, and the precarious workers for another Europe and for another world.

Marches européennes/Euromarches

Translated from the French by Carla Krüger, 30/5/05