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Declaration of the European Conference

Paris 25 June 2005

A new era can open up for Europe

We participants of the Paris European Conference of 24 and 25 June 2005, put forward for discussion in all the voluntary association, Trade Union and political networks in Europe the proposals contained in the following declaration:

The victory of the NO vote in France is that of the Left, pro-European, alternative-globalist, feminist and democratic NO, against neo-liberalism and war. Extended by the Dutch NO and the growing mobilisation (to be developed) in the public opinion of a number of countries for the rejection of this document, it constitutes a major political event for the whole of Europe. We must seize this first victory against the neo-liberal Europe and extend it. Experience shows us that popular and citizen unity can lead to majorities against neo-liberalism.

We want to overcome the crisis of this European construction that has the market as its idol and secret negotiations as its liturgy so as to found a social, democratic, peaceful, feminist and ecological Europe of solidarity between the peoples.

Together, we want to involve a broad citizen's movement on a European scale to develop, from the local to the European level, in solidarity with all the peoples of the world, political and social dynamics in favour of Another Europe.

It is a matter of resisting and winning in opposition to neoliberal policies.

  • Of building a broad and determined mobilisation round immediate political objectives (withdrawal if the liberalisation directives under way, particularly the Bolkestein directive and that on working hours, which must be replaced by a new directive that really limits working hours and enables improvements in working conditions).
  • Of demanding that the peoples be able to decide their future and that their choices be respected. In this respect, we propose a campaign that could be based on a petition, in all the countries, demanding a fundamental change of European policies. This reorientation must, in particular, have as its objectives: a fairer distribution of wealth; the struggle against unemployment, insecurity poverty and social exclusion; the defence of our environment; calling into question the role of the European Central Bank and of the Stability Pact; the defence and development of public services; action for the real equality of men and women; for the respect of the rights of immigrants; European action in favour of sovereignty in food production as a fundamental right of all peoples.

So as to discuss and build alternatives to neoliberal policies in Europe, we hope to engage in an approach open to all the forces opposed to neoliberalism that wish to take part. It must enable:

  • The encouragement of the irruption of peoples on the European scene, which is the only way out of the crisis
  • Contribution to the expression of concrete citizen and popular demands for another Europe
  • Creation a European public space based on the principles of pluralism, tolerance, secularism, in a spirit of togetherness and unity enabling the agglomeration of many forces
  • Articulation of alternative proposals
  • The strengthening of our cooperation with the peoples of Eastern Europe so as to improve the material and political conditions of their participation in the struggle for a democratic and social Europe, with a view to devoting the budgetary means needed and bridging the existing gap between the two parts of the continent.
  • The building of a Europe that rejects discrimination, racism and patriarchal domination
  • The rejection of the logic of war and of the militarisation of the European Union, the building of a Europe acting in favour of another world.

Building a social, democratic, peaceful, feminist, ecological Europe of solidarity.
  • It must everywhere be involved in a broad political debate for building a social, democratic and ecological Europe. To this end we call on all political, trade union and voluntary organisation activists, networks and movements, to all citizens everywhere to initiate encounters, meetings and assemblies enabling the elaboration of proposals. This vast movement could lead to a Manifesto or Charter of social, democratic and environmental rights, outlining the Europe that we want.
  • It would take its full place in the European Social Forum process, particularly during the European Assembly pf preparation for the ESF in Istanbul (23-25 September) and during the international encounter organised in Rome (12-13 November) by the Italian networks.
  • The Athens EFS in April 2006 will enable an assessment of this work of elaboration and will give it a fresh impulse.
  • Some proposals for mobilisation have been made at our encounter: for a day of European demonstrations against the Bolkestein directive linked to the international demonstration against the WTO at Geneva on 15 October; for a day of European demonstrations during the EU Summit on 15 December; for a day of local mobilisations for another Europe with assemblies, meetings, social forums on 4 March 2006; for an alternative Europe/Latin America summit in Austria on 13 May 2006.

The French unitary collective will give life to these proposals and prepare a meeting that shall take place in the context of the European Assembly of preparation for the Istanbul EFS, which shall enable us to take stock of these lines of work.

We are placing this appeal at the disposal of all those who want to take part, at European level, in such a building process.

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