Italian Appeal for a demonstration with European Delegations, on 13th September 1997, in Venise and for a preliminary meeting for European Youth actions.

Plateform for a demonstration, 13th September 1997, in Venise.


We represent different associations, trade unions and political parties, youth groups, ecologists, democrates; cultural and political leftwing groups.

Faced with the cult of economic and social egotism, intolerence and the violation of social and legal rights, the inherent racism of the Northern League, we want to build up a mobilisation in order to bring together all supporters for an alternative democracy.

In order to do so, we propose to give a national and European invitation for 13th September in Venise. This is a city, in the heart of a region which symbolises the present contradictions, and is a victim of neo-liberal secessionist tendencies of the Northern League.

This demostration will mark the occasion for a big rally which aims to bring together from all over Italy, workers, students, feminists, the youth and all those people who are in solidarity with the action. This mobilisation should not be limited to an Italian context, but should be open to permet participation by other European countries. Over the last few months, many of the unified mobilisations and social struggles have been for a different Europe, against unemployment and a monetarist domination, in particular, the big rallies held in Amsterdam and Brussels. The Venise demonstration is a direct continuation of these rallies and could become an important stage, at a time when the »Social Pact« is the bedrock of our society, and is under threat. It is even the embodiment of an egalitarian and socially supportative Europe, enjoying with more rights and more liberty. Now, under the domination of a few privileged people, Europe is being transformed into a place of social exclusion with erosion of living standards of its population.

In our opinion, it is possible to try and build a new economic and social model, which will have the following priorities :

  • the dignity of labour, with protection and redistribution and with a decent renumeration, and a generalised reduction in working hours without any loss of salary;
  • the defense and improvement of social services, the right to education, and acces to public health services, as well as the right to decent housing,
  • youth autonomy and independence;
  • the protection of the environment which is abused by a system of production that is destroying it;
  • the development of a real European democracy where the people and the not bankers have decision-making powers;
  • a democratic and civic reaction to confront the ultra-liberal secessionism of the Italian Northern League;
  • the emphasis on civic movements in order to strengthen democratic forces and to extent their powers;
  • the refusal of all discrimination and social exclusion that is based on ethnic origins in the name of equality, and for the respect and free exchange between different cultural identities, and for the construction of peace founded on justice.


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This Appeal is made by the following organisations :

The North-East Social Centre Network
Chiapas Solidarity Association »Ya Basta«
Antiracist Network
Antiracist Association »Senza Confine«
CGIL Communist Tendency
CGIL Trade Union Alternative Tendency
League of Conscientious Objectors
Libàration (Newspaper)
»Il Manifesto« (Newspaper)
Refondation of Communism Party
The Greens
Alternative Green and Solidaire
Young Communists

Support by :

Peace Association
Italian Economic and Solidarity Network
CGIL of Venise
United with a Thousand Flags
Enironment League

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