There is enough for everyone!

In the 70s and 80s it was said that if the economy was in good shape, there would be enough jobs for everyone. Now we read in the newspapers that firms are making massive profits. The level of profits being made from speculation has never been seen before. Despite this, in the EU countries there are 20 million people unemployed and 50 million people, above all women, are threatened by poverty.
In Austria, last year, 300,000 people were permanently out of work and more than 700, 000 were unemployed on at least one occasion. In one of the world's richest countries, 1.5 million people live on or under the poverty line.

This situation is unbearable!

So we want to demonstrate against this situation at the holding of the EU summit in Vienna on the 12th of December. We want to demonstrate together with our friends and colleagues, women and men from Great Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, East European countries, in fact from the whole of Europe. We want to demonstrate for a Social Europe which is a Europe worth living in.

European Marches


We demand:
  • a unified European social welfare system
  • a guaranteed minimum income for the unemployed
  • health care for all
  • a minimum income for all, independent of gender or nationality, to guarantee the right to a life of dignity
  • basic social rights to housing, health, education and income
  • a much shorter working week without loss of income
  • minimum salary 15,000 OeS
  • minimum pension 12,000 OeS
  • same salary for equivalent work
  • higher taxes on capital, introduction of the Tobin Tax
  • a reintroduction of property tax and its imposition at EU-level
  • tax relief for people in work
  • put article 23 of the human rights convention into practice, a statutory right to work according to ability and choice
  • equal human rights for all
we are:
  • against racism and social exclusion
  • against any kind of forced labour
  • against the MAI agreement on investment because this employers agreement will worsen employment conditions and reduce environmental protection.
translation: Gitti Götz/Andrew Mathers, Bristol


Some practical informations

Dear friends,

we will demonstrate on the occacion of the EU employment summit for a Europe more social and worth living.
We, collegues from Vienna and Munich, prepare the actions together. I'm responsible for the international contacts and the internet-information.

We plan:

  • begin of the counter summit friday, the 11th december 6:30 p.m.
  • continuation of the summit saturday, the 12th december
  • the big european demonstration: begin at 2 o'clock p.m. Westbahnhof (western station), arrival ca. 5 o'clock TU Audi Max (a hall in the university)
  • there continuation of the summit, meeting of the european marches
  • in the evening: warm food (free for the international participants), afterwards fête
  • you can stay the night with sleeping-bag (free) or in the youth hostel (cheap)
  • departure sunday the 13th morning, cheap breakfast
We'd like to know the number of the participants soon, for planning food and accomodation. Please answer very soon, even if you don't have concret plans until now! We need a first overview!
There will be a bus from Munich to Vienna: departure friday, the 11th at midnight (night from friday to saturday). Returning from Vienna sunday, the 13th december in the morning. It will be cheap or free for international participants.
There will be participants from France and other countries.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact me, too!

Gitti Götz

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European Marches