The voice of the unemployed and precaire workers

The media and governments continually talk about a European economic recovery as well as a decline in unemployment figures. Correct, there is a certain fall. However, for the real picture just take a closer look at calculation methods of unemployment figures, regional disparity, etc ... Moverover, new style jobs are increasingly »forced« on the unemployed as are temportary jobs. Wages are even worse than before. Then in less than year, job hunting once more or perhaps, even a couple of months later, it's back on the streets and the whole circus begins again. This is how poverty is spreading in the »world of work«.

It is for this reason the the European Marches invites representatives of unemployed movements and precaire workers from all over Europe to come together in an ordinary assembly in the beginning of December. The Assembly will take place before the major initiatives of the 6/7/8 December 2000 in Nice. The Assembly is a means of exchanging information on the situation of unemployed and precaire workers in different countries but can also serve to coordinate initiatives and joint actions. Below is a prosposed agenda covering the three day period.

Saturday 2 December 2000, 15 hours

Opening report of the Assembly: the European economic revival

Never has there been so much wealth produced. In spite of a slight fall in unemployment figures, the number of precaire employment has never stopped growing. This new situation has weakened and disconcerted unemployed movements. How should we react to this? Finally, an introduction of the objectives and structure of the Assembly.

Bourse du travail/Trade Union Exchange, 3 rue du Château d'eau 75010 Paris, metro and bus stops République
From 27 November there will be an exhibition of the European Marches showing in the same place


Sunday 3 December 2000: 9 hoursBourse du travail of Creteil

4 Forums will be held at the same time on Sunday.

Forum I:

The situation of the unemployed in different European countries. What do they live on? Aspects of unemployment. Social and cultural differencies are evident not only between countries but also inside countries. For example, in East and West Germany, or between northern and southern Italy. In order to better understand the unemployment situation and to better define our demands on a European level, it is necessary to work out what the actual situation is in each country and to have mutual exchanges.


European Marches



Assembly of the Unemployeds

Forum II:

The different forms of precaire unemployment. How the infernal cycle of precaire jobs, part-time work etc. functions, and how it effects the young as well as older workers. Together, we can work more effectively to identify specific situations so as to better define our demands.

Forum III:

Over coming disparities, what struggles can we take on together and what forms should they have?

Forum IV:

How European directives on precaire jobs are applied by national governments and public authorities in the different countries of the European Union.

In each forum the following questions will be put forward:

  • What are the current demands of the unemployed and precaire workers?
  • Where are we on the proposition of a minimum guaranteed individual income?
  • Can this demand be used as an objective of a European campaign?
  • Where are we on the Charter for social rights?
  • What can we use them for?

Replies to these questions will be used as the basis for the second part of the agenda, namely a debate in a plenary session on European-wide joint actions.

For this purpose, participating organisations in the debate should come prepared with material to illustrate their actions and suggestions: documents, statistics, photos, prepared texts and oral contributions. It is preferable for countries to coordinate as much as possible for the forums and propositions.
It is also necessary for countries to think about translation problems, covering at least, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Conclusions of Forums

A plenary session of the Assembly on a joint European campaign. A proposition has been made for a guaranteed individual income.

Bourse du travail of Creteil, near Paris


Monday 4 December 2000 9 hours

Working methods of the »Assembly of the unemployed and precaire workers in the struggles«

  1. What kind of »European secretariat« do we need?
  2. How should it function?

A proposition has been made that the secretariat be divided into four committees.

  • a committee in charge of a campaign to be decided on.
  • a committee to study precaire jobs in Europe, and the situation of precaire workers, their demands, their forms of organisations.
  • a committee on finances.
  • a committee for press and publications.

It is preferable for networks of the unemployed and precaire workers of different countries to put forward propositions for nominations to the secretariat.

In conclusion to the Assembly

  1. The latest information on the political situation in Nice.
    Demonstrations in Nice.
    Europe and the World: unemployed actions as part of the fight against global capitalism. Alternatives to the European Union as an institution in order to impose other politics.
  2. We are moving with movements: a quick look at planned actions and last minute preparations. Departure of the Paris-Nice caravan.

Material conditions for the Assembly, enable us to plan for 300 to 400 participants. Registration with associations of different countries beforehand is necessary. All travelling expenses and lodgings are financed by each participating country.

Coordination of the European Marches, Ist October 2000

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