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against unemployment, job insecurity and social exclusions

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The Assembly
of the unemployed and insecure workers in the struggle


Representatives of unemployed movements and precaire workers from all over Europe came together in an assembly.

L'Assembly 2/3/4th december 2000


The assembly's commissions:

  • Job insecurity
  • Social rights and guaranteed income
  • Media
  • Finances

 Meetings in Lutterbach 17/18th february 01 



Third European Assembly of the unemployed and insure Workers in the struggle, Brussels, 11-12 december 2001


to trade-unions and other organizations



We want to go further with our demand of the right to a guaranteed income, our refusal of insecure jobs and of the workfare policies on the European scale so that we can make our actions and initiatives converge on this scale.

2002: ESF in Florence

After Köln in 1999, Paris in 2001, Brussels in 2001, the Assembly of the Unemployed and Insecure Workers in the Struggle will be held in Florence within the frame of the ESF.

This assembly, organized by the Euromarches together with some other European networks (ENU) or others national organizations, aims at gathering and sharing some analyses of the European employment policies. We will then be able to fight together against the effects of these policies : unemployement,workfare, growing social and job insecurity, flexibility, exclusions etc.

The necessity of social rights for everyone, the right to an income, the right to employment, to training… has to be assessed through some urgent European campaigns, so that they are soon imposed and implemented throughout Europe, for another World.


For a Guaranteed Income in Europe

Seminar organised by AC! (Agir ensemble contre le Chômage), Thursday, 7th November

The development of work and social insecurity will be approached through the analysis of independent work (A Fumagalli, economist) and the hypothesis of the emergence of a cognitive capitalism (A Corsani, Multitudes), whilst taking into consideration the current mutations of productive work.
The evocation of the unemployed and insecure workers' struggles in France (L Guilloteau, AC!) and the vision of the European Institutions' approaches concerning Social Right (MP Connan, Euromarches against unemployment, insecure work and exclusions) will introduce a collective debate on the demand of a guaranteed income in Europe.




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