Commission on Precarity

Jean-Guy Dufour, Secretary European Marches

Suggested agenda for the workshop »precariousness« of the European meeting of unemployed and insecured workers, on December 11th.

Three possible aims for this workshop :

  1. To lay the foudations for a permanent exchange, between the different organisations, about precariousness in Europe : Best analysis and surveys ; Accounts of the most impressive struggles ; In English.
  2. To create a permanent international team who'd work on these bases with the aim of getting off proposals of commune demands and actions.
  3. To go, immediatly, round the table about all the existing proposals for actions, during the next months. After that, the workshop could discuss about proposals of actions to be making to the the plenum of the 12th.

An information pack, containing recent contributions about precariousness, would be delivered to the members.

Thank you for discussing these points in your organisations, particularly the third. So, the workshop could be really representative and effective.
If you have interesting documents for the pack, thank you for sending me by mail:



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