On Saturday afternoon and evening and on Sunday morning, we spoke about the work of the Assembly of the Unemployed and Insecure Workers.

First full session: Nice evaluation

The decisions taken during the EU summit were briefly pointed out, as well as the ones which were not taken thanks to the pressure of the protests (the Charter, which was not acceptable because it did not mention the social rights, was not included in the Treaty).
We also evaluated the organization of the mobilizations (how we linked with the trade-unions, with other different groups). And we also defined what we have to improve for our next »barricades«.

A very positive point is that The Charter of the Fundamental Rights has been proclaimed, but yet has not been integrated in the Treaty, and therefore is not binding. Nevertheless, its content is still extremely unsatisfactory and even dangerous for the rights of the European unemployed and insecure workers.

  • A commission for the Charter of the Fundamental Rights began with the EU summit in Cologne; the Nice summit has instigated a commission for the European constitution of 2004. Do we have to get ready for this date and work on building our proposals?
  • The Euromarch visibility in Nice, as well as the one of some other organizations, has been considered as a real failure by many of us.
  • What measures can we take in order to appear more clearly? What kind of means, what kind of actions?
  • We've had to recognize that the mobilization of the unemployed and the insecure workers in Nice was much less important than in the other summits
  • The demonstration on the 6th was mainly trade-unionist, and the trade-unions' watch-words were quite ambiguous and contradictory.
  • The counter-summit has suffered from a big lack of organization
  • We have to find means to inform people in Europe of what is happening concerning the institutions and the economic and social politics



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