European Marches
against unemployment, job insecurity and social exclusions

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Social Rights in the enlarged Europe
Coordination and editorial secretary: Jean-Guy Dufour

  • Euromarches Website:
  • Vereniging Bijstandsbond Amsterdam
    Da Costakade 158
    NL-1053 XC Amsterdam
  • Marches européennes
    17 rue de Lancry
    F-75010 Paris
  • ENU-France
    47 rue de Clichy
    F-75009 Paris
    ENU (Europe):
  • REDS
    Réseau pour une Europe démocratique et sociale
  • Canal Marches
    The Association was created in the wake of the European Marches in 1997. Canal Marches produced several documents to give a better knowledge of the Euromarches venture, to give voice to the « sans voix » (without voice) in Europe:
    En Marche: documentary video, Patrice Spadoni; on the 1997 European Marches (to Amsterdam). 19 € paid postage.
    Les sentiers de la colère, a book of Bertrand Schmitt and Patrice Spadoni, L'esprit frappeur, 2,30 €, paid postage
    Les rendez-vous de Nice, documentary of Vincent Goulet (2000), 19 € paid postage
    La marche andalouze, documentary of Patrice Spadoni on the March from Clermont- ferrand to Seville (2002). 19 € paid postage

    Order to Canal Marches
    122, rue des Couronnes, 75020, Paris

  • Marches européennes
    « Social rights in an enlarged Europe », a documentary in French on the European Marches; useful to have for public debates, with some extracts of the Brussels conference, highlighting some of the stakes of social rights in Europe, interviews with some of the activists of the struggle against unemployment from Poland, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands and scenes of the struggles of the unemployed in Europe.
    Realisation: Canal Marches
    VHS, 30mn. 10 € paid postage
    Order to Marches Européennes
    17, rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris.