European Marches
against unemployment, job insecurity and social exclusions

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  1. Introduction
  2. A step in our marches: Enlargement: a new issue for Euromarches
    Rights of the unemployed and precarious:a stake for the democrats and the workers of the enlarged European Union

    Euromarches: Who are we?
  3. A concerted policy and its consequences
    Les politiques européennes de l’emploi dans le cadre de la mondialisation

    The right to benefits won’t be guaranteed at the European level : this may lead to a complete unravelling of social rights!
    How is the European Employment Policy seen in each country?
  4. All quiet on the Eastern side?
    The social issue in Poland and in the new accessing countries to European Union: view of an expert

    And the question of the Polish unemployed
  5. What in the future?
    Unemployed, workers, insecure workers, unified for a democratic and social Europe

    The issues on the question of the social rights, a point of view from unionists and leaders of organizations networks
    Common social rights to every resident in the European Union
    Women and precariousness in Spain
    The Unemployed in Russia
    A European and misogynistic constitutional treaty which usurps women's conquests
    LISBON AGENDA: More and Better Jobs?
    Report of the four working groups
    Seven burning issues which are conditioning prospects
  6. How to go ahead?
    Call of the Social movements for East / West solidarity

    How to implement it?
  7. Appendix
    Unemployment evolution in Europe since 1997
    Poverty in Europe
    Resources guarantees in the different European countries
    Unemployment benefits in the different E.U. countries
  8. About social rights, citizenship, equality and peace in a democratic Europe
  9. Resources


Book: Social Rights (pdf)