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Social Rights in the Enlarged Europe

For an Eastern/Western solidarity of the social movements

The European Union enlarges and reduces social rights. That is the final assessment the network of the European Marches against unemployment, job insecurity and exclusions have made.

The entrance of ten new countries expands the market and the competition inside a large free trade area without any social regulation: Europe is thus becoming a free zone. The draft constitutional treaty devotes the disappearance of social rights which have been achieved for two centuries on the continent, promoting wage and social dumping, ground of xenophobia.

Only the emergence of a European Social Movement and the massive and active mobilization of all the people, workers, precarious people and unemployed will enable the building of a new future. The active solidarity between the social movements of the 15 and the 10 becomes with the 1st of May enlargement a pressing necessity, for another Europe, for another world.

Piet Van der Lende (Vereniging Bijstandsbond, Amsterdam), Judith Dellheim (Euromärsche Deutschland), Marie-Paule Connan (Collectif belge des Euromarches), Ryszard Jan Dul (Comité des chômeurs de Poméranie), Bruno Drewski (chercheur à l'Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales), Georges Debunne (ancien secrétaire général de la FGTB, ancien président de la CES), Annick Coupé (secrétaire de l'Union syndicale G-10 Solidaires), Pierre Barge (secrétaire général de la FID H - AE), Eric Aragon (membre du groupe Élargissement-Est du Forum social européen), Ewa Hinka (Comité de chômeurs de Poméranie), Barbara Radziewicz (Comité des chômeurs de Mazurie), Eric Conroy (secrétaire général de l'INOU), Catalina Borrrero (Collectif des femmes de la CGT, Espagne), Sonia Mitralias (Marche mondiale des femmes), Kalle Kunas (président de l'ENU).

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19-20 mars 2004 / Bruxelles
Vereniging Bijstandsbond Amsterdam
Marches européennes / Euromarches
European Marches against unemployment, job insecurity and exclusion
European Network of the Unemployed