I am writing to thank all those who supported the Cardiff Euro Demonstration. The event was a big success, with over two thousand people marching through Cardiff in a spirited and noisy protest. Our placards, in both Welsh and English, declared ­ Unite across Europe for jobs and democracy!

It was particularly pleasing to welcome demonstrators from across the European Union: from France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Ireland and the Spanish State. The largest delegations were from the AC! unemployed movement in Belgium and France and special thanks are due to them for their efforts. For a few hours at least, the flavour of recent French protests was brought to the streets of Cardiff!

  • OPEN LETTER ­ An open letter was launched at the demonstration, addressed to Tony Blair, Robin Cook, the other EU heads of government and the five Welsh MEP's. A copy of the letter is attached below.
  • PRESS COVERAGE ­ The event received excellent press coverage in the Welsh media. We conducted several radio and television interviews in the week prior to the demo, in both Welsh and English, and the event itself was extensively covered by BBC, HTV and S4C television news. We also got coverage on BBC Radio Wales, Radio Cymru, Cardiff Red Dragon Radio and the BBC World Service. A short report was included in the British BBC early evening news. Reports were published in the South Wales Echo, Wales on Sunday, Western Mail and the Big Issue.
  • FINANCIAL APPEAL! ­ Unfortunately, our accounts show that we are left with a deficit of over £ 600. We realise that you may have already contributed financially to the Committee but need to ask you to consider a further contribution to meet our costs. Our debts are the price of a well organised event and most of the outstanding amount is owed to individuals on the Committee. Any further financial support would be greatly appreciated. A copy of the Committee accounts is available on request.

Yours sincerely

Ceri Evans
Secretary, Cardiff Euro Demo Committee

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To: Tony Blair and Robin Cook; all EU leaders; the five Welsh MEPs

We have been promised a »People's Summit« in Cardiff, which »focuses on the type of Europe we want to see«. We reply ­ the current European Union is unacceptable. We live in a Europe of:

in welsh
  • 18 million unemployed
  • Welfare state cuts
  • Increasing national and regional inequalities.
You have failed to tackle unemployment and are planning enlargement at the expense of some of the EU's poorest nations and regions. The unaccountable European Central Bank will use the single currency to boost corporate profits, at the expense of jobs and public services. It is time to stop talking, to stop promising »jobs tomorrow«. It is time to act. We demand:
  • A Policy of Job Creation ­ with secure jobs on decent wages!
  • Expansion of the Welfare State ­ increase spending on health and education!
  • A 35 Hour Week ­ with no loss of pay!
Europe's 18 million unemployed, and those in low paid and insecure jobs, deserve nothing less.





At: Tony Blair a Robin Cook; arweinwyr yr UE; ASEau Cymru

Cawsom addewid am »Uwchgynhadledd y Bobl« yng Nghaerdydd, yn »canolbwyntio ar y math o Ewrop 'dyn ni am ei gweld«. Rydym yn ateb fod yr Undeb Ewropeaidd, fel y mae, yn annerbyniol. Rydym yn byw mewn Ewrop lle mae:

  • 18 miliwn o bobl yn ddi-waith
  • Toriadau yn y wladwriaeth les
  • Anghyfartaledd cynyddol rhwng cenhedloedd a rhanbarthau.
Rydych wedi methu yn y frwydr yn erbyn diweithdra ac yn cynllunio ehangu'r Undeb ar draul rhai o genhedloedd a rhanbarthau tlotaf Ewrop. Bydd Banc Canolog Ewrop ­ sydd heb unrhyw atebolrwydd ­ yn defnyddio arian sengl i hybu elw corfforaethau, ar draul swyddi a gwasanaethau cyhoeddus. Mae'n bryd i stopio siarad, i stopio son am »swyddi yfory«. Mae'n bryd gweithredu. Galwn am:
  • Polisi Creu Swyddi ­ gyda swyddi parhaol am dal teg!
  • Ehangu'r Wladwriaeth Les ­ cynyddwch wariant ar iechyd ac addysg!
  • Wythnos Waith 35 Awr ­ heb ostyngiad mewn tal!
Mae 18 miliwn o bobl ddi-waith, a phobl mewn swyddi ansicr neu ar dal isel, yn haeddu hyn ­ a dim llai.


Published by:
Cardiff Euro Demo Committee
131 Crwys Rd, Cathays
Cardiff, CF2 4NH, Wales.

Cyhoeddwyd gan:
Pwyllgor Ewro Wrthdystiad Caerdydd
131 Heol Crwys
Caerdydd CF2 4NH, Cymru.








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