European Marches
against unemployment, job insecurity and social exclusions

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»Social rights in an enlarged Europe«

Brussels 19/20 March 2004

CSC - Salle Helder Camara, 19 Rue Pletinckx - 1000 Bruxelles.

On the initiative of the association Vereniging Bijstandsbond Amsterdam (Netherland)

With the participation of the network of the Euromarches
Marches européennes (France)
Collectif belge des Marches européennes (Belgium)
Soziales Europa e.V. (Germany)

With the financial support of the European Community

Thuesday 18 march in the evening :welcomel Auberge Bruegel, 2 rue St Esprit- Bruxelles

Friday 19 march 2004 (morning)
9H30 Reception: 19 rue Pletinckz
10H-10H30 Moderators : Piet Van der Lende (Netherland) Christiane Maigre (Belgium)
  • Introduction of the conference on the rights of the unemployed and insecure workers, as an issue and stake for all democrats and workers in an enlarged E.U (Dutch comitee)
  • European employment policies in the frame of globalisation by Judith Dellheim (Germany)
10H30-10H45 European employment policies in UE since 2000 by Marie-Paule Connan (Belgium)
10H45-12H Overview of the realisation of european policies with the unemployed comitees presents from the E.U of the 15
12H-13H Speeches of the participants.


Friday 19 march 2004 (Afternoon )
14H-15H Report of the situation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe about to join the E.U (Bruno Drweski, researcher of Inalco)
Speeches of Polish and Hungarian comitees
15H-16H Speeches of the participants.
Pause / Press release.
16H30-19H four workshops will prepare the plenary session scheduled the next day on the oulooks :these workshops will be introduced by two short reports of 10 mn and debates.
  • European enlargement :new situation and oulooks for the social movement(Frank Slegers- Belgium and Christian Köpcke- Germany)
  • Income, insecure jobs and social dumping (Chrystelle Blanc-Lanaute- France et Willi Lüpkes- Germany)
  • Issues related with immigration and free circulation in and out of UE of the 25 (Flavia d'Angeli- Italia et Fred Heyar- Luxembourg- Yves Martens Belgique)
  • Social rights, citizenship and constitutional issues (René Ollier- France and Sonia Mitralias- Greece)

Evening: convivial lunch in order to know better one another.

Saturday 20 march:
9H/12H Moderators : Ingrid Schindler (Ali-Thüringen) Kalle Kunas (ENU)
  • Speech of Georges Debunne (former General Secretary of FGTB, former president of ETUC) Greetings of the guests.
  • Round table : which demands, strategies, alternatives ? with Annick Coupé (Secratary of »Union syndicale G10 Solidaires«, Pierre Barge (General Secretary of FIDH-AE) Eric Aragon (Member of the ESF Enlargement-East group) Ewa Hinka (pomeranian unemployed comitee) Freddy Bouchez (Droits Devant Belgium) Eric Conroy (INOU) Augustin Gomez (CGT-Andalucia) Leo Gabriel (Member of the Austrian ESF).
  • Speeches of unemployed comitees, debates.
12H-13H Restitution, synthesis, conclusions, agenda : Patrice Spadoni and Angela Klein (Euromarches secretary).

In the afternoon after the pause :

  • Working group for the preparation of written reports and documents to be published and distributed.
  • Report of the meetings with parliamentaries. European Institutions texts
19H dinner